EWHL Supercup Champion 2019-20: KMH Budapest

von ESC-Planegg

Pinguine erspielen den zweiten Platz im EWHL SC Finale

In the game for third place league newcomer MAC Budapest scored the 1-0 after already 84 seconds, all together they were leading in the game 55 minutes and 2 seconds in total. MAC had a 4-1 lead in second period and a 5-2 after 40 minutes. But the Sabres did an unbelievable comeback in third period – a 5-5 after 60 minutes brought them into overtime where Anna Meixner scored her fourth goal this afternoon to get the trophy for third place with a 6-5 OT win

After such thrilling games already a high standard was set for the final game. But also that match turned out to be a real highlight in league history. In first period KMH forward Averi Nooren used a powerplay situation to score the 1-0 for her team. But in second period Feldmeier and Fiegert turned the game for Planegg. In 47th minute Sarah Knee scored the 2-2, but the Germans again took the lead (Justine Reyes / 50th). After that KMH had to open up the game and Planegg missed a few excellent scoring chances to decide this game. 15 seconds before the end Petra Szamosfalvi did the 3-3 and saved her team to overtime. Where both tried to score the gamewinning goal, but the goalies stopped all pucks which came to the nets. After a scoreless overtime a shootout had to decide who will get the trophy finally. Even though both teams would have deserved it. But in the shootout KMH Budapest did it and won their second EWHL Supercup in club history. Congratulation to the winning team, but also congratulations to the other teams who participated in this final 4 tournament which was really a great advertisement on ice for the female game….


Final Ranking EWHL Supercup 2019-20:

  1. KMH Budapest (HUN)
  2. ESC Planegg (GER)
  3. EHV Sabres Vienna (AUT)
  4. MAC Budapest (HUN)
  5. ECDC Memmingen (GER)*
  6. HC SKP Bratislava (SVK)
  7. Aisulu Almaty (KAZ)
  8. ERC Ingolstadt (GER)
  9. DEC Salzburg Eagles (AUT)

*) after withdrawal from Final 4 Tournament

Ein toller Erfolg für die Pinguine!!


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